Rank cards automatically

Cards can now be ranked automatically on Kanban boards. Manually ranking tickets has always been useful and is still available, but has the disadvantage that tickets need attention to be kept in the right order.

Automatic ranking eliminates the need to monitor and manage the order of cards. This is useful in many cases. Here are some examples:

  • to see Emergency tickets above Normal priority tickets
  • to see service ticket ordered by their service call times
  • to see project tickets with the earliest due dates at the top
  • to see tickets with the most logged hours at the top
  • to see projects with the earlier end dates above projects ending later

You can configure a Kanban board to rank work by a primary property, a secondary property, and a tertiary property. Of course you can still use the traditional method, ranking cards manually by drag-and-drop for ultimate flexibility.

This will be generally available on May 11, but if you want access to the feature preview already, email help@topleft.team.