Client Portal is available

We're very happy to announce the Client Portal feature is available now.

Client Portal in TopLeft gives your clients self-serve access to Kanban boards.

Your clients can:

  • See which tickets are in any stage of your team's workflow, such as Ready, Waiting, In Progress, or Complete.
  • See only the tickets, tasks, and projects relevant to them.
  • See just the right level of detail about the work. Details can include assigned technicians, time budgets and logged time, notes, and due dates and SLAs.
  • Communicate with you by entering notes on cards or dragging to move cards between columns. The tickets are updated in your PSA immediately.

Client Portal is a huge help to keep your projects moving forward. Now your customers have no excuse for not knowing which project bits are waiting on them.

And it can make your project meetings WAY more efficient when your customers arrive already understanding what's going on with each ticket.

If you want an introduction to Client Portal but missed the webinar in July, you can watch the webinar here (and also get a coupon code to help you start out, good until August 25).

To learn how to use it, read the knowledgebase doc.