Use Your Company Logos in TopLeft

You can now customize TopLeft with your company branding!

Here's an example of the login page customized for TopLeft's parent company, Kerkhoff Technologies:

And you can change the menu logo:

And the browser tab icon:

To upload your logos, click the gear icon in the main menu, then under Customization click Branding.

TopLeft App Updates - August 2022

Here's what we improved in the TopLeft app in August 2022.



  • Client portal is now available for Autotask ticket boards. It was already supported for Autotask task boards.


  • Fixed an issue in the subscription management tool related to 2 and 3-year payments
  • Fixed the Sync Ticket function in ConnectWise embedded mode when using Chrome.

Keyboard shortcuts changed

Keyboard shortcuts have changed to prevent accidental usage.

Previous shortcuts were:

  • e: Edit the board configuration.
  • h: Cycle column total display.
  • c: Cycle card display modes.

New shortcuts are the same but require the use of the Shift key:

  • Shift+e
  • Shift+h
  • Shift+e

Furthermore, when activating the C shortcut for cycling card display modes, an indicator is shown in the main menu:

E indicates only cards with errors (red indicators) are being shown, while an EW indicator indicates cards with errors and warnings (orange indicators) are being shown. Click the E/EW button to clear the filter and show all cards.

To see the list of keyboard shortcuts, click Help in the main menu, then Keyboard Shortcuts.

New card visibility option in Client Portal

In yet another update to the Client Portal feature, now you can limit a contact to see only tickets to which he or she is assigned.

By default, a contact using Client Portal will see all tickets or tasks assigned to any contact in his or her whole company. This is useful for project teams where multiple contacts might be concerned about a single project.

But for helpdesk teams, contacts using Client Portal should only be concerned about their own personal tickets. Now you can restrict contacts to only see tickets they are the contact for.

Here's how you configure it right now:

Be advised there will be some changes to this UI soon but the contact experience will stay the same.

TopLeft App Updates- July 2022

There's lots happening at TopLeft. Here's what we improved in the app in July.



  • New tags are available for contact email templates: [lastupdateddiscussion] and [lastupdateddiscussionformatted]


  • When entering time, if the start time and duration are entered, the end time is calculated automatically.


We fixed a number of issues including:

  • Fixed an issue that would limit the size of a board when using the column zoom function.
  • No longer show an error message when navigating away from a board page while a background refresh is in progress.
  • Fixed an issue in ConnectWise where ticket agreements could be cleared when a ticket was edited.
  • Fixed an issue in Autotask time entry that could cause improper changes to the start time when entering data.

Client Portal note visibility

Client Portal has a new capability. You can permit clients to view the notes and time entries on a ticket.

When the option is enabled, clients can click on a ticket to show the ticket's notes and time entries.

To show these notes, enable the "Show Notes and Time Entries" field on the board edit page, Portal tab.

Internal notes are never shown, even if this setting is enabled.

Missed the announcement about Client Portal? You can read about it here.

Client Portal is available

We're very happy to announce the Client Portal feature is available now.

Client Portal in TopLeft gives your clients self-serve access to Kanban boards.

Your clients can:

  • See which tickets are in any stage of your team's workflow, such as Ready, Waiting, In Progress, or Complete.
  • See only the tickets, tasks, and projects relevant to them.
  • See just the right level of detail about the work. Details can include assigned technicians, time budgets and logged time, notes, and due dates and SLAs.
  • Communicate with you by entering notes on cards or dragging to move cards between columns. The tickets are updated in your PSA immediately.

Client Portal is a huge help to keep your projects moving forward. Now your customers have no excuse for not knowing which project bits are waiting on them.

And it can make your project meetings WAY more efficient when your customers arrive already understanding what's going on with each ticket.

If you want an introduction to Client Portal but missed the webinar in July, you can watch the webinar here (and also get a coupon code to help you start out, good until August 25).

To learn how to use it, read the knowledgebase doc.

TopLeft App Updates- June 2022

Here's what we've been working on in June 2022.

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We made improvements to how Activity boards show assigned resources. Activity cards now show the owner and all resources assigned to an activity. The resource filter also operates on assignments.


We fixed a number of issues including:

  • Blank swimlanes could appear when using the age filter column option
  • Boards sometimes scrolled up or down after a background refresh
  • Expected time entry formats were no longer accepted
  • Text could overflow beyond the border of a dialog
  • Time entry form tab order was wrong in Autotask mode
  • A couple problems with the new Collapse All/Expand All swimlanes button
  • When editing a ConnectWise ticket, the available agreements might not match the selected company
  • When editing a project board, inactive project statuses could be mapped to columns
  • Some issues in the subscription management function
  • Background refreshes could be interrupted in certain cases

TopLeft App Updates - June 2022

We've been working hard on the TopLeft app. Here's what's new in June:


  • On swimlane boards, added a button to collapse or expand all swimlanes at once.
  • We completed a series of improvements having to do with managing your subscription in the TopLeft application.
  • Invoices can be downloaded in the app settings section.
  • The card context menu now opens outside the column, even if it's the last card in the column. This eliminates the need to scroll to see the menu in some cases.
  • On board edit pages, to improve clarity some fields have been moved to different tabs or moved within the forms.
  • Moved some buttons on dialogs to improve consistency.
  • For new project boards, showing start/end date is now turned on by default.
  • When leaving the board edit or style profile edit page with unsaved changes, you are now prompted to confirm leaving the page.
  • The app settings are now available to administrators from the main menu using the gear icon:


  • TopLeft now syncs schedule entries that are associated with activities, not just with tickets and opportunities.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause card tooltips to be visible when dragging cards.
  • Fixed an issue in ConnectWise that could cause the "Show only my tickets" option to never work.
  • Fixed an issue in Autotask related to clicking buttons more than once in a primary resource role selection dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a stored credit card from being replaced with a new card.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a strange board layout in a rare condition.
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